Tag: Mercantile contacts


  • Artificer Gulmarin Reldacap

    The forty-something high priest of the House of Gond in Essembra, Gulmarin is dour, extremely closed-minded sort. He focuses on Gond's aspect as a deity of craftsmanship while almost entirely neglecting his larger duty as the deity of innovation and …

  • High Seeker Brace Ulmasyl

    The second-ranking priest at the House of Gond, Essembra, under "Artificer Gulmarin":http://www.obsidianportal.com/character/gulmarinreldacap, High Seeker Ulmasyl was much more accepting in selling Alan and Larin the goods they needed.

  • Priest-General Ambrose

    Priest-General Eldan Ambrose (originally from Amn) bore witness to an avatar of the Lord of Battle himself during the Time of Troubles, and found the spot where Tempus descended to Faerûn, an abandoned ruin of a castle. The mid-ranking but charismatic …

  • Dothyn Midbrook

    Battle Master Dothyn Midbrook is a middle-aged Chondathan priest of Tempus and friend to the party. While technically third (*First Sword Jareth Burlisk*, head of the Sword Sworn laity outranks him) in the temple hierarchy, Dothyn is a close confidant of …