Tag: Chauntea


  • Sister Jolie

    Full given name is Jolerra. No surname. In her late teens, she wears full chainmail, and uses a heavy wooden shield, a longsword, and javelins. She's tough, tomboyish, and somewhat hard-bitten. A little lacking in her ecclesiastical studies, but not …

  • Sister Beth Nerth

    Full given name is Bethrane. A bookish, shrinking violet of a woman in her early 20's, with waist-length brown hair. Accomplished at theology, healing, and the agricultural arts. Not so much in combat, even though she carries her religion's traditional …

  • Brother Cathamar Umbaner

    A flax-haired, green-eyed ever-smiling youth who can't be more than seventeen, Cathamar is a bright and shining young cleric of the Earthmother. He seems quite skilled with a (heavy) crossbow, and that doesn't seem to stop animals and birds from …

  • Sister Flor

    Full given name is Flornele. No surname. In her late 20's or possibly early 30's, Watchful Sister Flor is part-den mother and part-Cool Big Sis. She's balanced, skilled, experienced, and handy with both a scythe and earth magic.