Priest-General Ambrose

The jovial founder of the Abbey of the Sword


Priest-General Eldan Ambrose (originally from Amn) bore witness to an avatar of the Lord of Battle himself during the Time of Troubles, and found the spot where Tempus descended to Faerûn, an abandoned ruin of a castle. The mid-ranking but charismatic and likable priest had the ruin rebuilt, fortified, and established as a full temple to Tempus. Since then, it’s been the sentinel of Battledale, both keeping tabs on the forest and the Ghost Holds, and helping the Lords Men (the local militia) and settlers to those same holds alike.

Ambrose himself is a friendly sort, built like a football lineman and with a warm smile only usually found on grandparents, the sixty-something priest presides over the temple’s spartan accommodations and services and casual meals with an insightful and tactical mind. The temple crafts weapons and armor of all sorts (though more exotic fare is on request) to sell as a fundraiser for the temple, selling them at cost or giving them away as needed to the poor. The temple likewise offers free training in the use weapons and armor, seeing it as a divine duty.

The party earned his trust by helping a patrol led by Sergeant Raulos slay a vicious bulette (land shark) that nearly decimated both groups, as well as selling the temple a Red Tear/Tempus’s weeping , a type of rare gem holy to the church.

A notable part of the temple is its War Library, a private library devoted to military history, and one of the best sources in the world on that topic.

Other denizens of the Abbey of the Sword:
•Sergeant Raulos
•Jessura, acolyte, had her legs munched off by the bullete, but has since been healed. Walks with a cane.
•Colt, acolyte
•Yanter, sword-sworn (lay brother)
Battle Master Dothyn Midbrook, weaponmaster (head trainer) of the temple
•Sable Winnis, Devout (priest), a tall female cleric with a knack for brawling
•Jaeth, Devout. •Dan, Devout.

Priest-General Ambrose

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