Lorna Melruth

[Cohort] Twice-Disinherited Lady Knight


Dalorna ‘Lorna’ Melruth
Female half-elf Knight 5
LN Medium humanoid human
Deities: Oghma, Tempus
Age: 26
Home region: Cormyr
Hair: close-cropped blonde
Eyes: Blue

STR 16
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 14

Notable Gear: Custom Adamantine Breastplate (lightweight, reinforced, w/ riding straps), mwrk. longsword, mwrk. very heavy shield, 2 mwrk. daggers, halberd (currently on loan), mwrk. composite longbow w/ 20-arrow quiver incl. 2 signal arrows.

Companion: Deftin, male Cormyrean Destrier heavy warhorse w/ mwrk. full plate barding, military saddle.


To be spoiled added later.

Lorna Melruth

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