Artificer Gulmarin Reldacap

Lord High Smith and Artificer of the House of Gond


The forty-something high priest of the House of Gond in Essembra, Gulmarin is dour, extremely closed-minded sort. He focuses on Gond’s aspect as a deity of craftsmanship while almost entirely neglecting his larger duty as the deity of innovation and invention. Larin and Alan managed some truly impressive diplomacy after he refused to sell the pair farming supplies for nearby Ghost Hold settlers on behalf of Priest-General Ambrose and embarrassed the man so much he excused himself and let his second, High Seeker Brace Ulmasyl conduct the sales.

-As a fun side note, the Church of Gond does not accept layaways or loans on firearms; they must be paid in full. ~_^

Artificer Gulmarin Reldacap

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