Dusk Auzkovyn

The sorcerous leader of a Clan Auzkovyn band


A exiled Cormyrean sorcerer that joined the Auzkovyn and ended up a “squad”/band leader, Ardusk Hather Auzkovyn is a mercurial, semi-trustworthy sort who leads an unusual group of Auzkovyn bandits outlaws around the central Dales:

Eska-of-Dawn Auzkovyn, a female wild elf ranger
Ryldar Olonrae Auzkovyn, male half-drow cleric of Vhaeraun
Zasstin Aleanrahel Auzkovyn, drow female fighter
Janeh Arkent’tar Auzkovyn, drow male skirmisher
Yeskar Auzkovyn, ex-Zhent male human warrior, uses an arquebus

The party ran into them, avoided a confrontation, and briefly visited them, with Kiim (offscreen) visiting them again to teach Yeskar the basics of literacy.

Dusk Auzkovyn

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