Dothyn Midbrook

Battle Master and Weaponmaster of the Abbey of the Sword


Battle Master Dothyn Midbrook is a middle-aged Chondathan priest of Tempus and friend to the party. While technically third (First Sword Jareth Burlisk, head of the Sword Sworn laity outranks him) in the temple hierarchy, Dothyn is a close confidant of the Priest General.

While knowledgeable about the local area, Dothyn’s position is based off his skills: he’s a master of personal combat and has a working knowledge of virtually martial implement of war, ranging from the the staff-like twin-bladed sword to firearms to the so-called ki “blade magic”, especially the Dwarven style known as Mithral Heart (Iron Heart).

So far, Dothyn’s rebuilt and re-enchanted Larin’s sword, kept the party informed on local heresay, and taught Alan the basics of fighting with two weapons, the use of his pistol, and the use of the bullwhip.

Dothyn Midbrook

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