The Song of the Red King

The Year is DR 1370, better known to the residents of Faerûn as the Year of the Tankard. On 29 Alturiak (the second month of the year), an aasimar librarian/diplomat/priest of Oghma, recently returned to the Leaves of Learning, in Deepidale, teams up with two of his fellow priests (one an eccentric tiefling historian/teacher/mage and the other a scholarly swordsman) and an adventuring merchant of Sembia. Their mission: To track down a reclusive necromancer for a book interview. But things are never that simple. The Leaves of Learning comes under a mysterious attack by the Red Wizards of Thay, and the mysterious Mhenlos the Grey had gone missing.

So begins the adventures of the most obtusely over-educated party of adventures on all Toril.

Song of the Red King